At present OJSC Programmprom is continuing to develop software within the framework of the project of the development of an automated risk control system of complicated high-authority systems announced earlier. This is a project of the development of the functionality of PTK FANAT 2.5, which aims man-rating protractions. The project is based on the potential of the model-oriented approach built in FANAT. This will provide a solution to a wide range of problems in risk analysis, such as Project CORAS for example.

Further implementation of the ISSDE project (Integrated Collection System of Operational Data) is underway. Within the contract with PJSC "Il" ("Ilyushin Aviation Complex"), on-board information and control system of reliability and safety (IUS NiB) is under development. It aims to adapt the ISSDE-I1 currently in use at PJSC "Il" in the analysis and forecasting of aircraft operational reliability and safety.

IUS NiB provides powerful opportunities for in-depth study of the state of the entire aircraft fleet, of the fleet of certain airlines, of the forecast of reliability and safety. Based on the obtained results, it is possible to formulate recommendations of the operational guideline of the aircraft fleet and its components, their maintenance operations and optimization of the use of aviation equipment.

IUS NiB allows unobstructed access for the processing of data from any information system.

The most important feature of the IUS NiB is the information integration of the project model of flight safety and reliability created in FANAT and of the operational model of IUS NiB. This allows the implementation of a control system as to the reliability and safety of an aircraft's flight based upon a unified feedback system.


The successful experience of JSC Programmprom in the field of analysis of aviation safety, based on methods and software tools (ISSDE, FANAT), developed by the Company and being successfully used by developers of aviation technique, allowed to prepare a methodological framework for analysis and assessment of safety of the flight in the air transport system in general. Analysis of worldwide trends shows the relevance of the association of works to ensure the safe operation of objects (a special case - the flight safety, "safety") with works to ensure the security of enterprises activity ("security"). Ensuring "safety" and "security" is logical to carry out as risk management of operation of the enterprise.

JSC Programmprom has opened a new project for the development of the automated system of analysis and management of risks of enterprises and organizations. The project is based on the provisions of ISO 31000, 31010. The project takes into account the extensive experience of development and application of PTK FANAT for analysis and control of flight safety, taking into account the proliferation of this experience on aviation and transportation system including the "human factor". Experience of application of risk management abroad, based on models (Model-based Methods for Security Risk Analysis) such as the CORAS, was also taken into account.

The aim of the project is the development of algorithms and software and technological tools for their implementation, based on PTK FANAT, to determine fully and objectively many risks for the functioning of an enterprise (organization) that is the main condition for full and objective risk analysis with the ability to develop effective interventions for their parry.

In January, 2016, JSC Programmprom released a software product FANAT Light.

FANAT Light 2.1 is a lightweight version of FANAT 2.4 and is compatible with FANAT 2.4 at the database level .

The description of FANAT Light see in the section "OUR DEVELOPMENTS".

April 11, 2013 in the educational center of JSC Programmprom took place the Presentation of the new release (2.5) PTK FANAT, focused on the formation documents FHA, PSSA, SSA, automatic construction of the tree of failures and the tree of functions.

The Presentation aroused great interest among specialists dealing with the fail-safe feature of technical objects.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Moscow helicopter plant named after M.L. MIL, JSC IL, the IRKUT Corporation, various departments of UAC.

Reports were made by the Director General of JSC Programmprom Y.S. Gershman, Deputy Chief Designer of JSC "IL" M.S. Neimark and the lead engineer of JSC "IL" L.G. Cesarsky.

This was followed by Presentation of version 2.5, the distinctive feature of which is the more complete realization technology ARP4761.

After the Presentation a discussion of the introduced product took place, as well as reports by users of PTK FANAT G.O. Mironov (Moscow helicopter plant named after M.L. MIL), E.R. Maiskaya (AEROELEKTROMASH).

Separately it was stated about versions 2.8 and 3.0 PTK FANAT, to be released in 2013-2014.

In 2012 JSC Programmprom received a PATENT 2447488 for the invention of Method and system for constructing a model of disturbed functioning of the technical object and machine-readable medium. Patented methods became the basis for the development of Software-Technological Complex Functional Analysis of Reliability of Equipment (PTK FANAT) .

In 2011 within the framework of PTK FANAT a unique function, that has no analogues in the world, the Automatic construction of the TREE of FAILURES and the TREE of FUNCTIONS was developed.

In 2011 - 2012 JSC Programmprom concluded license agreements with:

  • ILYUSHIN UAC Company (JSC IL);
  • Closed joint-stock company Scientific and Technical Center Kachestvo;
  • Joint-stock company Moscow helicopter plant named after M.L. MIL;
  • Limited Liability Company UAC-Integration Center.
With these license agreements the above companies got the right to use PTK FANAT to analyze functional failures in developing new aircraft designs.

Research results are regularly published in the AviaSoyuz" thematic journal.

On May 16, 2011 JSC Programmprom held a seminar for users of PTK FANAT (analysis of fail-safe feature of aircraft) and Integrated System of Service Data Collection (ISSDE) (collecting, storing, transmitting and analyzing data on the reliability and safety of flight).

On November 21, 2007 JSC Programmprom held the 1st session of seminar The System of Airworthiness Support-IL ISSDE.

The participants examined the questions of cooperation between the componentry manufacturers and the aircraft manufacturer through the Integrated System of Service Data Collection (ISSDE) in view of solving the problems of airworthiness support, after sale maintenance, increasing the operating efficiency of aviation equipment, etc.

The representatives of Ilyushin Aviation Complex, the aviation authorities of Russia and componentry manufacturers took part in the seminar.

Concluding information about the results of the 1st session of the seminar is represented in the document "News Bulletin".

Today JSC Programmprom proposes for the market the next four Software Products:

  • SOFTWARE PRODUCT RUSLAN is intended for data support of the process of technical exploitation of aviation equipment, including account of resource status of all the aircraft components, account of the process of aircraft exploitation, scheduling, making the optimal schedule of flights junction, composing various reports, assigning and account of add-ons carrying out, storage account and generation of covering documents using the bar code technology, failures and malfunctions registration, calculation of reliability indices, etc.
    It is possible to integrate RUSLAN with informational systems, operating at the subject.
    The software product RUSLAN is intended first of all for the operational airlines.
  • INTEGRATED SYSTEM of SERVICE DATA COLLECTION (ISSDE) is intended for collection of data about failures and faults. Its users are operators of aviation technique as well as componentry manufacturers and enterprises, carrying out repair and maintenance of aviation equipment.The received data is being used by aircraft manufacturers for making decisions on the question of airworthiness support in the process of exploitation.
    ISSDE is not being delivered for the airlines. You may be linked up to it and get possibility to enter proper data and obtain recommendations to perfect the process of exploitation of aviation equipment.
  • SIMULATION MODEL of the AIRLINE imitates the process of operating the aircraft depot of the airline with the aid of computer. It makes it possible to carry out experiments with the program model on the computer instead of carrying out experiments with the real system. It is intended for controlling the aircraft depot operating efficiency under the specific conditions of the airline.
  • SOFTWARE-TECHNOLOGICAL COMPLEX FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS of RELIABILITY of EQUIPMENT (PTK FANAT). A new class of software for analyzing the reliability indexes of aviation equipment during all phases of the life cycle of aircraft and components.

To receive the detailed information about named Software Products click on the button "OUR DEVELOPMENTS".