Our organization exists since 1965 as Moscow research institute of network planning and controls in industry and since 1987 as State research-and-production association Programmprom. On July 19, 1993 it was reorganized into JSC Programmprom and was registered by Moscow Registration Chamber for 013910.

The main direction of our activities is rendering of total complex of services on development, delivery, maintenance and updating of software for a broad scale of users of computer systems. Our organization is an authorized partner of IBM and SOFTWARE AG companies in Russia.

One of the most significant projects developed by our organization together with IBM was automated system "Olympiad - 80" - a high-capacity technical complex of data teleprocessing for maintenance of Olympic Games XXII in Moscow on the basis of IBM370. The main computer center of the system in Luzhniki maintained 203 sporting disciplines in 21 kinds of sports at 38 objects in Moscow, Tallinn and Kiev, using terminal network of 140 remote terminal stations.

Since 1967 and to present day JSC Programmprom has been specializing in the development of application software for Civil Aviation of Russia, near and distant foreign countries on the basis of IBM and SOFTWARE AG products.

The activities for Civil Aviation received high government estimation - The State premium of the Council of Ministers of USSR for 1990.

Despite the current trying economic situation in the country JSC Programmprom could not only preserve its scientific and technical potential but was constantly developing it by introducing new computer technologies and equipment, thereby attracting new customers.

We successfully collaborate with such large-scale Russian companies as "ILYUSHIN AVIATION COMPLEX" (JSC IL), JSC Sukhoi Company, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "AVIAPROMSERVICE", JSC MIL Moscow helicopter plant.

Among our customers such important Russian airlines as AEROFLOT, the Ural Airlines, the Perm Airlines.

With the development of our new software products the circle of potential customers is being enlarged permanently. Their number includes the aircraft manufacturers, repair plants, centers of maintenance, componentry manufacturers, aviation authorities, etc. At present we conduct intensive work on attraction of all participants in the process of airworthiness support for the work under the conditions of united information space.